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Have a garden party day!

Garden party post 3-26-2010

March 26, 2010

Hey guys sam sent out some news about the easter party! It looks like fun can’t wait!


March party 3-1-10

March 1, 2010

It’s party time readers! The March party is here and so is a leprechaun! The leprechaun’s name is O’Leafy and he will be hosting the mod games and give out prizes!

When someone wins this is sent out.

Here is what he looks like.

Here are some items you can win! (i’ll add more as i see them)

Alf’s shop has some new cards and i think they are the best ones byfar.

If you are a VIG member you will get a message when you log in that looks like this:

There is also a new button to learn about becoming a VIG.

2 new disco songs! Thanks tai280

Thats it for today readers have a fun March!

Garden party post 2-19-10

February 21, 2010

Sorry about this being so late.

Hey guys, well G.P.W. sent out a G.P.P. (garden party post) with not much to talk about. After this month is over Keira will be leaving and Sam hints at what the next party will be. I’m about 99.99% sure it will be a Saint Patrick’s Day theme and we may even have a leprechaun to do the contests. To read the full G.P.P. check out the picture below.

Friendship party kick off

February 1, 2010

The friendship party is here but there are no decorations! The only place you can find a FEW at is the disco.

First off GPW has updated their chatting. While typing out what you want to say, if you’re chat box or a direct message to a friend. It sometimes is helpful and it knows the names of everyone on your friends list. But if you try to say GPW it says you said something incorrect. If you type in mu the fourth suggestion is mudblood (from harry potter)


The disco ball in the disco has been changed to a gold heart. The disco game updates are a much better improvemet. It makes you want to uncover all the “new songs”.

You cant miss too many moves or you will be kicked off the game. If you finish each level on hard you can win songs. I have only got two of them so far one is named raido song and the other is named disco song. You can only play them, you can’t put them in your tree house.

Keira the friendship fairy will be hosting the mod competitions and giving out heart wallpaper! The wall paper looks like wood carved into hearts. As for Keira herself she is very small compared to us. Helpful hint: if you are looking for her she is usually in the play den, boat drop and the cave next to the boat drop.


There are also buy friendship party cards in Alf’s shop. Picture from cheeky jay.

The randomize button has changed.

The report button has also been changed, it now looks like the ranger symbol.

Have a good day GPW players!

Garden party post 1-29-10

January 29, 2010

Hey there guy’s garden party just sent out an email talking about some cool GPW stuff.

The GPP was covered in hearts. Sam talks about how you have very little time to get the snowdrop pet if you still need it. She then goes on to talk about the friendship party. Then the coolest part a new game! It’s been almost a year since we have gotten a new game. Sam really does not say much about it only that it is in the disco and it’s a dance game for music lovers. I have gone to the disco and have not found a new game. I’m not sure if they updated the old disco game or have not put up the new one. Then the post closes with Sam talking about a new contest.

Garden party post 1-22-10

January 23, 2010

Hey readers long time no post! Garden party has not really updated but yesterday they sent out an email with some really cool stuff. So grab you’re shovel and let’s dig into some G.P.W. news.

In garden party’s email same talked a little bit about the all the contest going on in G.P.W. and then showed off the purple and white artist hat. Sam then went on to talk about G.P.W. snowman so will “soon melt away”. There will also be a friendship party just around the corner where Keira (the friendship fairy) will have magical prizes for everyone in garden party.

Wow! That sure sounds like fun, I can’t wait to meet Keira.

25% off all garden party items in alf’s shop

January 3, 2010

The world’s first sale is going on! All items and seeds in alf’s shop are marked down by 25% so if you need some new items get them while they are on sale.

The sale ends the 31st!